About Us

Mecenate is a collective of up and coming artists breaking into the music industry.

Nowadays, many singers cannot reach their desired exposition due to their lack of a image on medias. Mecenate.inc supports their musical growth along with their appearance to the audience.

Songs, like stocks, produce cash flow in the form of royalties. Currently, artists either have to land a record deal, which is hard in itself, and gives rise to several shortcomings, or have to self-finance their music.  We aim to capture the latter, a segment that has been continuously growing, by allowing fans or investors to purchase upfront a percentage in the royalties of the artists that decide to list on our platform.


The Team

Niccolo Volpe

Founder - CEO

Being surrounded by music since childhood Niccolo knew the industry was ready for disruption!

Andrea Bello

Founder - CTO

With years of tinkering and Engineering under his belt Andrea brings his technical expertise and a human touch.

Matteo Masciarelli

Founder - CFO

Without out Finance expert we would have gone bankrupt long go! Matteo keeps our Artists and Investors revenue safe.