Movie and TV Series Soundtrack: A Springboard for Budding Artists

In the age of Netflix, Prime Video, and other digital streaming platforms, music is playing an increasingly central role. As a consequence, soundtracks have become a highly-refined product designed to evoke emotions.

The theme song from a movie is no longer a simple accompaniment to the events presented in the series, but an essential element of the story. 

Soundtrack and Movies: A Classic Combination

When it comes to movies, soundtracks play a pivotal role: they can change the entire tone of a movie, but they also complete films and resonate with the audience. Therefore, filmmakers and composers have to select the right one to bring each scene to life.

But perhaps not everyone knows that soundtracks were the starting point for some of today’s most famous artists. John Legend owes his worldwide success to the song Legend, featured in the movie Glory, written for the movie Selma – The Road to Freedom, which became a huge success and even won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song.

TV Series: New Ways to Launch Soundtracks

Over the past decade, TV series have become central to our everyday life. Since TV series and movies are consumed in such high quantities, budding artists are trying more than ever to get in on the opportunity to write soundtracks for popular TV shows.

Many argue that TV series represent the future of music streaming, as they offer the chance to discover music tracks. After all, haven’t we all used Shazam to find the name of that catchy tune playing in our favorite show? An example of this might be the success of Hide and Seek from Imogen Heap after it accompanied the closing scene of the final episode of The O.C. ‘s second season.

Cigarette After Sex also reached a wider audience with the debut of Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby in The Handmaid’s Tale and caught the attention of the global public by starting to rack up millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube.

Netflix Between Promotion and Inclusivity

Netflix producers believe that what’s on screen is just as important as what’s behind the camera, and that includes soundtracks and sound. For this reason, they believe that new voices from music niches can open doors to unknown worlds and perspectives.

Over the past few years, the platform’s music teams have organized several promotional and networking events to give a voice to underrepresented and emerging talents in the music industry. Thanks to these workshops, several participants have been hired to collaborate with to create brilliant covers of legendary songs for series under production.

Netflix’s support of budding artists was demonstrated last year with the launch of the show Summertime,  whose soundtrack was composed by a perhaps still-not-so-popular Giorgio Poi. The young singer-songwriter from Novara, with care and meticulousness, created a puzzle of songs that belong to the Italian indie niche.

Can Soundtracks Become the New Frontier for Budding Artists?

In a time when TV series and movies are our day-by-day companions, soundtracks are another way to approach music. By complementing the visuals on screen, ad-hoc soundtracks can make us feel more connected with and immersed in what we’re watching. Budding artists lucky enough to compose for series and films distributed on major platforms have the chance to see their fan base grow. And we’re grateful to them for constantly exposing mainstream audiences to new music.

Music lovers are always looking for something new to discover and listen to. Combining images and sounds, especially when they are written for a specific show, opens the door to a new way of promoting budding generations of emerging artists.

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