Music Sampling

Sampling is reusing part of a sound recording in another soundtrack: it can include rhythms, melodies, voices, or any other part of the song that was originally used. Today it is becoming increasingly common for artists to use samples in their own songs. According to Tracklib, 15% of the tracks on the national 2019 Billboard Hot 100 charts contained samples, with the Hip-Hop category being the highest at a 32% sample rate. That is a 20% increase from the last decade’s sampling rates.

Examples Of Songs Containing Samples

One example of a song that the producer used as a sample is Eminem’s “Stan.” The sampled song is called “Thank You” by Dido, and we can see how Eminem used it to his advantage for making a melancholy track with Dido’s words. It turned out to be a hit, with over 300 million streams on Spotify and the album going double platinum.

Another example of a sampled song is The Game’s “Ali Bomaye” featuring 2 Chainz and Rick Ross. The original song, “Seven Devils” by Florence and the Machine, was briefly sampled for its vocals. The sample brings an old-school feel to the song, as it captures the essence of the original track into the new lyrics.

The Benefits Of Sampling Music

Samples can introduce original music to the audience, let alone giving them two tracks in one to discover more music. This is a revolutionary way to listen to music because then the listener gets the best of both worlds, while still hearing new sounds. Sampling music can create a special sound in any song, especially when the listeners recognize where the original sample is from.

Producer Vs. Beatmaker Sampling

While a beatmaker is just someone who makes beats, a producer has a more versatile role. This means they directly interact with other artists in collaboration for songs and albums. They critique the other artist, share tips and insights on how to do something differently. Sampling for a beatmaker has all to do with that one person. If a beatmaker samples an original song into a beat, that is all it’s ever going to be. A sampled beat.

However, if a producer uses a sample in their beat, then that beat will turn into a song, likely to be written and recorded over by another artist. This way the beat becomes more useful and creative to be brought out for listeners in the music world.

The Future Of Samples

In the future, I believe sampling will continue to grow and top the charts for music awards. Sampling has always been a peculiar form of art, especially because it connects two songs into one to create an original new track. With that being said, the future of the music world we know today will likely be abundant with creative mixes and popular crossovers.

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