Why Artists Should Use Tik Tok for Self-Promotion

Artist Nich Prod producing a song.

In the past year and a half, Tik Tok has clawed its way into the list of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Among the reasons for its success of the platform are its algorithm and viral nature, which make it easier and quicker for Tik Tokers to go viral and create a global fan base. 

Because of that, millions of content creators, video makers, and artists have flocked to the platform hoping to get some deserved recognition. Let’s see why Tik Tok can be a smart choice for an upcoming artist that is trying to make it big.

How Do Videos Go Viral?

Artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, and many others were virtually unknown before having their songs go viral on Tik Tok. Today, their hits are featured in millions of short videos on the platform and have even more views on Youtube. But why is it easier to go viral on Tik Tok compared to other platforms?

The answer lies in its algorithm. The algorithm acts as a level playing field, favoring overall user engagement over the popularity of Tik Tokers. After being published, videos are first shown to a few hundreds of people, depending on their interests and viewing history. Then, a variety of user-engagement metrics—including likes, time spent on video, and comments—are analyzed to decide whether videos have “viral potential.” Basically, unlike on YouTube, videos are pushed on people’s feeds depending on whether people like them, rather than only favoring creators with good previous track records and whose accounts have lots of followers. Of course, more popular Tik Tokers still have an advantage, since their videos will naturally show up in all of  their followers’ feeds, but it is nonetheless easier for newbies to make their voice heard. This is nothing short of a game-changer, as it gives talented newer creators the chance to rise in popularity fast. 

In other words, the platform efficiently rewards you for quality content.

How Does This Relate to Songs?

It’s no secret that music and Tik Tok go hand in hand, but do viral videos directly correlate to viral songs? Well, sort of. 

Videos featuring songs, whether they involve fun dances or joke-cracking at the tempo of music, are essentially what made Tik Tok famous. Let’s assume a video featuring your latest hit goes viral. When that happens, said video shows up in the “For You” page of hundreds of thousands of people. At that point, many other creators, big or small, may feel compelled to use the same featured song to get in on the success of the video. Of course, a song is not enough to make a video successful, but on this platform a catchy tune definitely plays an important part. 

Essentially, featured songs start branching out to other videos, and then from those videos to other ones, and so on. In the meantime, people all over the world that saw some fun videos and liked the song are googling lyrics online, streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, and so forth. 

Viral videos have a much higher probability of propelling your song because they are much more likely to be used as inspiration by other creators, who may themselves use your song.

Tik Tok to Spread Awareness

Nowadays, there are many methods to take advantage of online communities to spread awareness for one’s own work. Tik Tok has already fueled the rise to fame of many artists. The platform, if used efficiently, might just be an option worth considering for upcoming artists that want to take their social media game to the next level.

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